Thing 3

This has been a handy "Thing"  I'm sure I should have known about Google, but I've missed that somewhere along the line.  That will now be my go to of choice.  I use images in quite a bit of what I do, & this will make life so much easier.

It's so easy to use and still a great choice of images.

Pixabay, I also like & if I can't find what I want in Google, I'll try there.  Flickr, I'm not so impressed with.  Maybe I need to explore it more, but it didn't have the same wow factor as Google and Pixabay.  I'm afraid I like simple!!  However I will upload some photos to it & see if it starts to inspire me.

Thing 2

Well this is my second time doing Rudai 23.  I learned so much the first time I thought I'd give it another go!  Plus last time I actually went to Ireland to collect my certificate & had a lovely holiday while I was there!!

When I did this last time, my job had just changed and I had been renamed Learning Resource Adviser.  I have to admit I really didn't like the name and thought it did not give a true indication of the work I did.  Fast Forward to today, and I am now called an Information Specialist - which is closer to my role, but my job has changed in the last two years beyond recognition.  Apart from the normal Library work there is so much more teaching and learning going on.  Plus I am becoming a Google expert! Well I suppose expert is an exaggeration, but we are now beginning to use G-Suite for education at work, including Google Classroom and Google Sites.  I like it so much that when my laptop died, I bought a Chromebook instead of a laptop.

I am going to keep t…